Vertical Boat Lifts

Vertical Boat Lifts

Weight Range: 6,000–40,000 lbs.

The Vertical Lift is the mainstay of the boat lift industry. We can build any size or configuration to meet your needs.

All gear drive lifts are equipped with Radio Remote Controls. On any watercraft up to 20,000 lbs the Auto-Stops are optional. On any watercraft 24,000lbs. and up, Auto-Stops are standard.

Standard Features

  • 6061-T6 aluminum structure (no structural welds)
  • Service free top bushings
  • Stainless steel hardware and cables
  • Grooved cable winders
  • Aluminum bunks
  • Strongest cradle end in the industry
  • Toggled cradle pulleys (greatly decreases cable wear)
  • Strongest and most adjustable cable guides in the industry
  • Easiest and most accurate cable adjustment
  • Adjustable piling brackets
  • Warranty meets or exceeds any competitor

Optional Features

  • Radio remote controls
  • Automatic stops
  • Walkboards
  • Service platforms
  • Steps
  • Shallow water cradles
  • Canopies
  • Beam covers/steps
  • Floating dock ramps

Installation Features

Cables pre-wound and locked in place. Cradle lugs attached to cradle beams. Pulley assembly pre-assembled with cables attached to each pulley assembly with 1 bolt. Gearboxes, motors, motor covers pre-installed. Electrical box installed with wiring inside. Brackets pre-installed on aluminum Bunks. Guide bases each attach with 1 bolt (no tabs) adjustable piling mounts.


Motor, motor cover and gearbox are installed on the lift before shipping. All wiring can be done inside the electrical box.

Synergy Cradle Ends

Pulleys are aligned with the driveshafts. Reduces cable and pulley wear. Most other lifts use a cheap slide-on bracket that positions the pulley perpendicular to the shaft. This creates a large angle between the cable and the pulley, causing premature wear.