About Our CEO

Brandon’s journey into the business world began at a young age, when a mentor recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue greatness. With a background in Sports Administration and accounting, Brandon acquired Synergy in 2020, driven by a passion for luxury and the desire to turn a hobby into a successful business.

Through his experience in the boat lift industry, Brandon has learned the value of competition and the importance of maintaining superior product quality. However, his focus has always been on more than just profits. Brandon’s vision for Synergy extends beyond financial success; he envisions a future where every marina in the world benefits from Synergy lifts, enhancing the boating experience for customers everywhere.

Brandon’s short-term goal is to expand Synergy’s presence globally, while his long-term aspiration is to establish the company as a leader in the industry. His dedication to providing customers with the best products and experiences reflects his commitment to excellence and care for the boating community.

About Synergy

Synergy Boat Lifts epitomizes the fusion of over four decades of expertise in boat lift design and construction. Our primary goal remains to deliver a consistently reliable boat lift, ensuring that your planned days on the water aren’t disrupted by lift malfunctions.

While all boat lifts share the fundamental purpose of raising and lowering vessels, what distinguishes Synergy Boat Lifts is our commitment to “intelligent design.” Our precisely engineered components work seamlessly together, addressing common lift issues and resulting in a more dependable and enduring lift.

Synergy Boat Lifts boasts distinctive features, including an all-aluminum bolted frame that offers 35-40% more structural strength than conventional welded frames. This design eliminates concerns about weld integrity over time. Our innovative toggled pulley system operates horizontally to the cable shaft, reducing stress and wear on cables and pulleys compared to standard systems.

Furthermore, our Service Free top bushings eliminate the need for greasing, ensuring smooth cable shaft function without the mess. In essence, Synergy Boat Lifts guarantee unparalleled reliability, dependability, and peace of mind for your boating experiences. When comparing features and value across the market, we’re confident that Synergy Boat Lifts will stand out.

Manufactured, engineered, and designed in the United States, our products come with a comprehensive warranty. Our aim is simple: to be your reliable boat lift manufacturer.